Rajasthan Reforms

Rajasthan eGovernance and IT/ITeS Policy 2015

Rajasthan is taking a holistic view of eGovernance initiatives across the state and departments, integrating them into a collective vision and a shared cause. Around this idea, a magnanimous state wide infrastructure reaching down to the remotest of villages is being evolved, and large-scale eGovernance initiatives are taking place to enable easy, reliable access of people to the Government over the eWay. Over the last few decades, evolutions in the Information Technology & Electronics (ITE) arena have emerged as the most significant enablers for improving efficiency & effectiveness of the government & non-government organizations. Rajasthan recognizes the enormous potential of Electronics and Information technology and has made significant efforts to ensure that the benefits of these sectors percolate to its citizens.

In its continuing endeavour of development, the Rajasthan eGovernance IT/ITeS Policy 2015 envisages promoting citizen access to ICTs for encouraging their participation in e-governance. The Policy is for the people and by the people. To promote the IT / ITES Industry in the city, this policy attempts to develop a more modern and vibrant ecosystem for Electronics and IT industry to support electronic governance initiatives of the Government of India and attract investment and talent to such industries in Rajasthan. Key focus areas of the policy include pioneering e-Governance initiatives, research & development in Electronic System Design and manufacturing, support of the Micro Small & Medium Enterprises and promotion of entrepreneurship that harnesses the huge talent pool of the people of Rajasthan, and ensuring inclusive growth – for one and for all.


To achieve Good Governance and facilitate inclusive growth, harnessing ICT and evolving eGovernance with improvement in delivery of services, bridging the digital divide and evolving Digital Rajasthan.

Objectives and Envisaged Targets:

  1. Till 2025:
    1. Making two individuals (at least one female) in every household e-literate so as to bridge the digital divide.
    2. Achievement of up to 5,00,000 direct employable professionals in the ICT sector vide implementation of ICT/ESDM initiatives in Rajasthan.
    3. Establishment of Rajasthan Skills Registry.
    4. Development of at least 2,000 technology start-ups in the state and prioritization of IT/ITeS/ESDM sector.
    5. Increase in the current investment in IT/ITeS sector by 10 times.
    6. Increase in the IT turnover to INR 50,000 crores.
    7. Increase in IT exports from the State to INR 5000 crores.
  2. Establishing 7 Smart Cities in Rajasthan by 2020.
  3. Specific Venture Capital Fund with capital for development of IT/ ITeS/ ESDM start-ups in Rajasthan.
  4. Automated Service Delivery with automated one time verification of government documents, secure eSpace for personal/official storage with facility for authentication and workflow to residents and organizations, private or public, in Rajasthan.
  5. Connectivity to all Government offices up to Panchayat level by 2016.
  6. Centralized, integrated and unified state datasets to ensure uniformity, deduplication and updating.
  7. Rise in awareness among the school and college children and society as a whole regarding environmentally sound e-Waste management and take steps for its proper disposal.
  8. Implementation of a uniform website policy for Rajasthan Government with emphasis on user-friendliness of the interface for all inclusive percolation of the benefits of the IT.
  9. Promotion of Robotics and Open Source Technology for IT initiatives in Rajasthan.

eGovernance and mGovernance

  1. Easy access and delivery of all Government services at doorsteps till village level
    1. Automated Service Delivery till last mile with transparency using eMitra and Bhamashah
    2. Minimal or no manual intervention for service delivery and direct benefits transfer
    3. Unrestricted and Seamless means of service delivery – Internet, Mobile, Kiosks
    4. Complete electronic verifications – Raj eVault
    5. Complete Transparency – Notifications through e-Sanchar
    6. Friendly Departmental Interface – Web Restructuring Plan
  2. Next Generation IT Infrastructure till Grassroots
    1. Connectivity till village level (RajNET)
    2. State of the art technology based Data Centres
    3. Government owned and controlled Cloud
    4. Complete readiness for mobile governance
  3. Automation of all Government offices
    1. Complete Office Automation with automated workflows
    2. GIS based Decision Support System with GIS Mapping for all departments
    3. Centralized Government System for Grievance Redressal (Rajasthan Sampark)
    4. Centralized Government Monitoring and Accountability System (RAAS & iFACTS)
  4. Unification of Government Information
    1. Centralized and Unified Databases and Datasets
    2. Centralized Cloud Space for each resident
    3. Centralized electronic verification and eSigning
  5. Knowledge resources / Digital Library will be setup that will maintain a repository of documents for use by general public and Govt. authorities.
  6. Common Gateway for all citizen services with corresponding required information available to public leveraging eMitra Integrated Service Delivery Platform and Bhamashah.
  7. Promotion of use of upcoming technologies like NFC, Cloud Computing and Social Media. Multiple channels like mobile phones, tablets, call centres, TV etc for service delivery with ‘Anywhere, Anytime, Any network, Any device’ service delivery.
  8. One Person One e-Identity with unique online profile for each citizen under a common framework.
  9. Self-service kiosks shall be installed across the state.
  10. Creation of next generation IT Infrastructure and up-gradation of existing IT infrastructure shall be undertaken to bring it at par with the world class state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Capacity and Skill Building

  1. Strengthening of IT & Personality Development Program/soft skills curriculum.
  2. Standardized IT/ ITeS/ BPO/ KPO/ ESDM/ ITES-BPO certification.
  3. Personality Development Program for teachers encouraging them to use IT.
  4. Facilitating partnership between educational institutes and industry for incubation units.
  5. Transforming non-IT Human Resource to IT specialities taking advantage of Digital India and Digital Rajasthan campaign.
  6. Rajasthan Skills Repository with Data bank of students who are IT literate.

Industry Development and Promotion

  1. VAT/CST Incentive – Investment & Employment Generation Subsidy
    1. upto 80% for Manufacturing
    2. upto 90% for Women, SC, ST, Persons with Disability
    3. Upto 100% for Backward and Most Backward Areas
    4. Upto 80% of VAT Reimbursement for Services Industry
  2. Upto 50% Land Tax Exemption
  3. Upto 50% Electricity Duty Exemption
  4. Upto 50% Entry Tax Exemption
  5. Upto 100% Stamp Duty exemption
  6. Special Customized Packages
  7. Interest subvention on investment upto Rs 50 Crs for Robotics.
  8. 25% subsidy on Bandwidth for connectivity.
  9. Interest Subsidy of upto 5% on term loans.
  10. Dedicated fund for promoting start ups in IT/ITeS and ESDM Sector.
  11. Reimbursement of Patent Filing Costs.
  12. Reimbursement of Quality Certification Costs.
  13. Outstanding Performance Awards in IT/ITeS and ESDM Sector.
  14. Exemption from Zoning Regulations and Land Conversion to IT Parks/IT Campuses, IT Industry.

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