Inner Engineering useful in achieving developmental goals

Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje has said that the ‘Inner Engineering – Technologies For Well-being’ camp, being organized with the help of Isha Foundation, aims at the public representatives and bureaucrats performing with the best of their abilities in the odd circumstances. She said that this camp would be useful in achieving the goal of developmental of the state.

Smt. Raje was addressing the inauguration session of the two-day ‘Inner Engineering- Technologies For Well-being’ camp at Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centre in Sitapura on Friday. She said that this camp would infuse positive thinking amongst the public representatives and officers, which would inculcate a new energy. They would contribute to overall development of the state in a better way.

The CM said that the camps organized by Sadguru Shri Jaggi Vasudevji help in development of public welfare sectors like environment, health, education and rural development. She called it a campaign for providing a tension-free and thriving environment which was free from politics. “All across the world, lakhs of people are associated with this campaign,” she said. She thanked the Sadguru for this commendable endeavor.

While addressing the participants of the camp in the inauguration session, Sadguru Shri Jaggi Vasudev said that everybody should have an objective for herself or himself. “For this, one has to be good for oneself and be happy at the core. When we feel happy, we behave well with the people around us. Feeling happy with ourselves is ‘inner engineering’,” he said.

Sadguru said that only one who felt happy would perform with the fullest of his capacity. Addressing the government officers, he said that they were an important part of governance and could touch lives of millions and billions of people. “As you people got more powers, it is very important for you to be happy and stress-free,” he said.

In the camp, the participants were taught ‘Shambhavi Mahamudra’, a yoga performance for a balanced and energy-full lifestyle. They were also trained about living a tough but simple life by way of managing body, mind, thoughts and energy through yoga exercises. The participants were also trained on such exercises which would make them feel stress-free and happy. Also, they would feel improvement in their scientific or logical temperament and joyful behaviour.

Members of the Council of Ministers, Members of Parliament and Legislative Assembly, Chief Secretary, IAS, IPS, IFS and RAS officers posted at Jaipur participated in this health camp.

Jaipur, 20 May 2016