A budget to usher in growth and reform

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje said that the budget presented, instead of being a mere statement of accounts, was a document to assuring growth and reforms in the state. She emphasized on the significant hikes proposed in the budget for infrastructure sectors like roads, water and energy. This budget, she said, focuses on welfare schemes, infrastructure and ensuring peace and tranquility in the state. She said at no efforts will be spared to take Rajasthan to the vanguard of developed states, which is a dream of every resident of the state.

687% increase in allocations against previous government

Chief Minister Raje in her answer to the debate on the budget’s speech said that when compared to the average annual allocations between 2009-2013, the budget for 2016-2017 sees much higher outlays in the infrastructure sector varying from 88 – 192%; similarly in areas of social infrastructure like health care, education, skill development and employment, the average increase is between 142 – 687%. In sectors of rural development, panchayati raj, watershed, agriculture, the average increase range from 30 – 208%. Similarly, the average increase in annual allocation for tourism, devasthan, youth affairs, sports, forests and environment is significantly higher. For Information Technology, the allocation is 8 times higher.

Rahul said, “10 paise out of 10 rupees reach the poor.” With Bhamashah, such leakage shall be plugged.

Raje in course of her speech referred to late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi’s comment that 15 paise out of a rupee reaches the poor. Rahul Gandhi took this further to stay that 10 paise out of 10 rupees is what actually the poor receive. Smt. Raje said that her government is plugging such leakage through Bhamashah program which infact was started in her previous tenure. She stated that the opposition should reflect on why they stopped the Bhamashah program when in power. Bhamashah ensures direct transfer of benefits to bank accounts, thereby negating any chance of leakage. Stopping this scheme is an example of short sightedness on part of previous government. She cited examples of Parwati Bijod of Dungarpur and Ismail Babucha of Barmer who are receiving their pensions in their bank accounts on the Bhamashah platform.

The development of urban and rural areas are equally important

Smt. Raje in the Assembly on Monday while replying to the debate on the Rajasthan budget 2016-2017 stated that the Rajasthan of her dreams would be where villages and towns similar development patterns. She reiterated that this budget reflects the government’s vision and philosophy of development and her government was committed to this ideal. She emphasized that the budget reflects the aspirations and dreams of 7 crores residents of Rajasthan.

Go beyond figures and look at the seeds of development sown

Chief Minister said that the difference in figures from the Governor’s address is nothing new. Between 2010 and 2013, there were 17 instances where in there were differences in the Governor’s address and the budget proposals. Since, the Governor’s address is prepared based on figures available in 31st December and budget proposals use figures of February thereafter, small difference in figures do crop up. She cited certain examples to reinforce her point and clarified that neither was anyone mislead nor was any misreporting done.

All information pertaining to Jal Swablamban online

Chief Minister defended the water conservation campaign by saying that all information related to campaign are made online and stated that allegations of inaction/impropriety in the campaign was questioning the passion and connect of all those well meaning people who are working day and night to make the campaign a success.

Parwan Major Irrigation Project receives Rs. 700 Cr.

Chief Minister Raje stated in the assembly that her government was fully committed to the Parwan Irrigation Project unlike the predecessor government who made a mere Rs. 7.45 Cr allocations in 5 years. She said that her government has proposed Rs. 700 Cr for this project and pointed out that had the previous government taken this up seriously, a massive cost escalation of over Rs. 2000 Cr. could have been avoided, thereby saving pressures public finances. She went on to state that the refinery project, as taken forward by the previous government was yet another example of lack of financial foresight. Smt. Raje stressed that the present government was committed to achieve the goals enshrined in the vision 2020 document. The reform and development process in Rajasthan is gaining momentum and invited residents of the state to participate wholeheartedly in the creation of a modern Rajasthan.

Innovations are the bedrock of development

Chief Minister mentioned that the budget 2016-2017 was one of innovations. She referred to new endeavors such as imposing local conservation charges on hotels and resorts in vicinity of tiger reserves, guaranteed purchase of energy generated from waste powered plants, PPP in sports, out of turn direct government employment for deserving sports persons, online single window system for investment in small and micro enterprises, Mudra Scheme, rebate in stamp duty, startup policy, efforts in large scale skill development and more.

Smt. Raje said that decentralised planning shall be the focus of the government along with the Bhamashah Act, Bhamashah Authority, amendments to the Panchayati Raj Act, simplification of VAT, Administrative reforms and these areas would also see innovations.

She appealed to the opposition to join hands with the government in furthering the goal of development for all (‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’).

CM praises team RSLDC

CM Raje informed the house that RSLDC has won the ‘ASSOCHAM Best State in Skill Development Award’ for the second year in a row. She praised the corporation for its efforts and wished them the best in their future endeavors.

Jaipur, 14th March 2016