Rajasthan Reforms

Water Conservation and Inter-linking of River basins

For a water scarce state such as Rajasthan it is important that every drop of rainwater be conserved in situ. Instead of  construction of structures for water harvesting in a sporadic manner, the state government as adopted the 4 water concept in drawing up systematic plans to conserve water and surface runoff by taking watersheds and micro watersheds as units. In each micro watershed, care is being taken to design interventions based on contours, rainfall etc. so that the entire process is scientific. Construction of Minor Irrigation Tanks, Contour Trenching, Gully Plugging and other proven techniques are being adopted.

The planning process has helped identify 4 river basins namely Mahi basin, Chambal basin, Luni Sukli and West Banas basin and the Sabarmati basin. In the Mahi basin 132 micro irrigation projects and 17 check dams (Rs. 293.5 crores) have been sanctioned in a district Banswara, Udaipur and Pratapgarh. In the Chambal Basin, 83 micro irrigation projects and 38 check dams (Rs. 342.2 crores) are being taken up. Similarly, in the Luni Sukli and West Banas basin minor irrigation projects and 54 check dams (Rs. 342.5 crores) have been sanctioned for Sirohi and Jalore Districts. The Sabarmati basin shall also be treated with 23 micro irrigation projects and 86 check dams (Rs. 260.6 crores).

We in Rajasthan are of the view that we need to conserve every drop of water flowing out of the state in the state itself. This will help rejuvenate ground water tables and hopefully lead to formulation of drinking water grids between basins through which surplus water in one area can be channelized to an area which is water defict.

Inter linking of Rivers

There are two ambitious projects under active consideration. The first is taking water to Dholpur by transferring surplus water of Chambal basin (from Parvati river and from the tributaries of Kalisindh) to the Banas, Gambhir and Parvati basins. It is estimated that as on date 1436.68 million cubic mtrs. of water is annually available in the rivers Parvati, Kalisindh, Chakan and Maze. This water flows out of the state and ultimately into the sea. This surplus water from Chambal basin it transfer to the low water river basins of Banas, Parvati, Ghambir, it can provide water to 21 small and big them and Panchayat Tanks in 7 districts – Sawaimadhopur, Karauli, Tonk, Dausa, Alwar, Jaipur and Dholpur.

This project will involve a 37 km. long Canal and shall require 2 control reservoirs, 1 pickup weir and 9 km. of tunnel. The estimated cost of the project is around Rs. 17410 crores. This has been posed to the Government of India.

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