Rajasthan Reforms

Tourism, Fairs and Festivals

  1. For many decades, Rajasthan by virtue of its natural advantages in scapes, monuments and sights, enjoyed a lead when it came to tourism in India. In the recent past tourism as a sector was consistently ignored. As a consequence, other states, despite having less touristic potential have caught up and even surpassed Rajasthan in tourist arrivals.
  2. Have in taken stock of the situation, the state government decided on a multi pronged approach to restore the state to its position as the most favored tourism destination in Asia. Inter alia the steps include having for the first time a well thought out multi media campaign that would target specific market segments and stakeholders. At the same time investment in creation and development of tourism circuits, improving connectivity cleanliness and security of tourist places is receiving adequate attention.
  3. Rajasthan is famous numerous historical monuments and museum for the first time extra efforts are being made for the conservation and restoration of these monuments and museums. Such sprucing up has the objective of increasing footfalls and even diverting tourist to hitherto unknown /unvisited sites.
  4. Significant public expenditure is being incurred on these activities. Sufficient budget have been made available to the tourism and allied departments and at the same time, Public Private Partnerships are being explored.
  5. It is an accepted fact that in order increase earnings of those indirectly associated with the tourism industry it is important that the tourists spend more time and consequently money, on various activities at different parts of the day. With this understanding, a calendar of activities – fairs and festivals – has been design and curated events are being choreographed. These luxury events would be held on the same dates every year and at the same location in the state. So if Bharatpur/ Deeg get a Holi festival, Udaipur sees world music and Pushkar has its own sacred music festival. Jaipur being the state capital understandably will have more events ranging from photography festival, classical music recitals, theater festival, craft and art exposition, food festivals, band recitals and more. Moreover, established events in the state would be capitalized on.
  6. It is felt that the arts and craft scene within the state would receive encouragement and more and more young persons would take up such pursuits. The state also is looking at using open spaces as round the year galleries for exhibiting art /sculpture of local artists, especially travel art. This would give local talent a much needed platform.
  7. Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur is a famed structure, designed by Charles Correa. This monument is an art gallery with auditoriums. The JKK is being done up and following a complete facelift, shall be handed over to a professional manager who shall curate bespoke art shows/ exhibitions round the year for top Indian and Foreign artists.
  8. More and more activities are being planned at various monuments so that the visitors experience something new and fresh. Amber by night is a reality now and soon there shall be attractive souvenir shops, restaurants in these monuments. The government plans to a art shows, music recitals, exclusive fashion shows etc. in select monuments thereby bringing in finances that will ensure sustainability and in the long term make these monuments autonomous and alive.
  9. Similar plans have been put in place for Bikaner House, New Delhi which is a heritage property located near India Gate. Bikaner House has been done up and restored and will be offered for selected curated art shows, book launches etc. Bikaner House shall also be available for small meetings /conferences and shall have fine dining facilities. Here again the incomes would permit maintenance of the monument without any additional burden on the state government.

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