Rajasthan Reforms

Annapurna Bhandar Yojana – Re-inventing Multi Brand Rural Retail

  1. The State Government is committed is provide food grains as well as non PDS items through public distribution system all over the state.
  2. The Annapurna Bhandar Yojana is a first of its kind imitative in the country.
  3. This unique example of PPP is an attempt to modernize PDS in the state through an innovative model having dual benefits of PDS and modern retail, thereby providing choice of quality products for daily consumption.
  4. This scheme is one of India’s biggest entrepreneurship drives with 5,000 fair price shop dealers (FPS) turning into entrepreneurs with Annapurna Bhandars.
  5. Built into the scheme with is a discount that shall be shared between consumer and dealer at the ratio of 60:40. This will assure reasonable profits and reasonable prices.
  6. On 20.8.2015 a tripartite agreement was signed between Future Consumer Enterprise Ltd. selected FTS dealers and the Rajasthan State Food & Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.
  7. The scheme shall be implemented in phases with 500 fair price shops in every division. Training in modern retail management to the dealers shall be imparted by Future Consumer Enterprise Ltd.
  8. At present 6 fair price shops are already functional and rapid upscaling is underway. The Annapurna Bhandar Yojana will strengthen the state government efforts in bringing about a positive change and bettering the lives of people of the state. This expected that these stores will act as rural malls in the interiors of the state.
  9. The Annapurna Bhandar Yojana will expand the capabilities and potential of fair price shops by sharing modern trade practices with the FPS owners. This will start a new chapter in the already renowned skill development initiatives of Rajasthan.
  10. As a private partner Future Consumer Ltd. will supply quality consumer goods and share management practices as well as help upgrading the FPS into a new modern retail format. These FPS shall now have additional goods such as food items – oil ghee, pulses, spcises, flour, pickels, sauses as well as personal care products, hygiene products, packaged food, stationery and more.

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