Terrorism Not Restricted To Geographical or Religious Boundaries

Counter Terrorism Conference

Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhra Raje said that the state government was focusing to inculcate values into the young people and honing their vocational skills so that they could get suitable employment and chanellize their energy for nation building. She said that terrorism was taking a toll on development as the governments were being forced to press into their economic resources, which otherwise could have been utilized in schools, colleges, hospitals and other development works, on war against terrorism.

Smt. Raje was addressing the inaugural session of the Counter Terrorism Conference at Jaipur on Tuesday. She said that terrorism was a big threat to humanity. Due to unholy doings of terrorists the social and economic structure of the country was suffering huge losses. That’s why all sections of the society had a responsibility to raise united voice against terrorism, she said.

The CM said that there was hardly any country in the world which remained unhurt by terrorism. Terror was not restricted by geographical or religious boundaries. The form of terrorism was changing in the world and the terrorists were launching new multi-model attacks. She said that during 2014 and 2015 several countries were impacted by terrorism which had not witnessed any such attacks before, she said.

Smt. Raje said that the changing profile of terrorism in the era of Internet and social media was a matter of concern for the entire world. To counter this menace, all governments, civil societies, security agencies and common citizens needed to sit together and discuss so that minds of young people were not diverted, she said.

The Chief Minister hoped the world leaders, security professionals, experts attending this two-day conference would discuss the models of countering terrorism in great detail. Thanking the participants of the summit, Smt. Raje said that this would prove to be a long-term initiative in war against terrorism.

Jaipur, 2nd February 2016