Development projects costing Rs. 1400 crore will change Ajmer’s image

Each City Of Rajasthan To Be Developed And Smart

Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje has said that on Sunday, the eve of Independence Day, entire Ajmer district celebrated ‘Development Day’. She said that the state government visualized for every single city of Rajasthan to be developed and smart. Progressing towards this, Ajmer was going to have a makeover today, she said. She further added that with 49 different development projects costing Rs. 714 crore being inaugurated or founded on Sunday, in all, over Rs. 1400 crore were to be spent on development of this district. Development works worth Rs. 688 crore had already been finished. With this, Ajmer would soon emerge as a prosperous and smart district, she said.

Smt. Raje was addressing a huge public gathering at the Regional College, Ajmer campus on Sunday on the occasion of inauguration and foundation stone laying of various development projects. She said that it was a time for realizing the dream of progress and prosperity to every district, village and hamlet with upliftment of all 36 communities of the society which we dreamt of and committed to ourselves before assuming office. The state was progressing very fast as several developmental schemes had started taking shape and a positive change was visible in the people’s lives, she said. She said that credit for this should go to the support and trust the public shared with the government. She called upon the people to continue their support to the government and then only Rajasthan could become a leading state in the country.

The Chief Minister, after inaugurating a centralized kitchen for mid-day meal at Shiksha Sankul in Topdara, served food to the school students. She spent time with every single child present there and offered food items. Children got mesmerized by this gesture of the CM. She also tasted the food and patted the organizers for its good quality. She also launched the Akshay Kaleva scheme by Ajmer Municipal Corporation and Pushkar Municipality. The centralized kitchen would provide fresh nutritious food to children for 106 schools in and around Ajmer and Pushkar. Also, a huge number of patients and their caretakers visiting the hospital would be benefitted out the Kaleva scheme.

The CM called upon the people of Ajmer to keep Aana Sagar and Foysagar lakes clean and preserve beauty of these gifts of nature to the city. She said that the public should make efforts to maintain these water bodies clean and sanitized the way the people of Udaipur have kept their lakes Fatehsagar and Pichhola. She appreciated efforts made by district collector Shri Gaurav Goyal in keeping the city clean and sanitized and hoped that this cleanliness and a spirit for it would not be a one-time affair.

Smt. Raje said that public distribution system (PDS) had become transparent with use of POS machines and lakhs of people had been benefitted out of it. She asked the people to raise complaints of non-availability of benefits of National Food Security and social security pension to the eligible persons with the authorities and asked the officials for timely disposal of such complaints. She said that every new scheme initiated might have some flaws, but the state government was committed to remove such difficulties with utmost urgency. She said that strict action would be taken against the ill-doings in providing e-mitra services to the public.

The CM directed the officials to establish a sewage treatment plant at Pushkar and organize a grand Bhakti music festival here every year in the month of December. She also asked for exploring possibilities of setting up a world-class museum at Ajmer.

Smt. Raje said that the development schemes such as Bhamashah Yojna, Bhamashah Health Insurance and Annapurna Bhandar Yojna would prove to be game changers for the people of Rajasthan. She said that despite the bad shape of finances of the state when she assume office, the government had really worked hard to put Rajasthan on the path of progress.

Former Union Minister Prof. Sanwarlal Jat and MP Shri Bhupendra Yadav also addressed the public meeting. Chairperson of Ajmer Development Authority Shri Shiv Shankar Heda gave vote of thanks. Food and Civil Supplies Minister Shri Hem Singh Bhadana, Minister of State for Education Shri Vasudev Devnani, Minister of State for Women and Child Development Smt. Anita Bhadel, Chairperson of Rajasthan Heritage Conservation and Renovation Authority Shri Omkar Singh Lakhawat, Parliamentary Secretary Shri Suresh Singh Rawat, Zila Pramukh Ms Vandana Gogia, Mayor Shri Dharmendra Gehlot, MLAs Shri Shatrughna Gautam, Shri Bhagirath Chaudhary, Smt. Sushil Kanwar Palara, Shri Shankar Singh Rawat, Divisional Commissioner Shri Hanuman Sahay Meena, Range IG of Police Smt. Malini Agarwal, District Collector Shri Gaurav Goyal, other public representatives were present on this occasion.


कुल713.50 Cr
1.Centralized Kitchen अक्षय पात्र - अक्षय कलेवा, (तोपदड़ा)3 cr
2.Smart Classes (Project उत्कर्ष)1 cr
3.Bike Sharing Project30 Lac
4.आनासागर में 13 MLD STP14.50 cr
5.अजमेर कपड़ा बैंक, बुक बैंक, मोबाइल लाइब्रेरी, ब्लड बैंक मोबाइल एप---
6.Laser Show, नोसर घाटी6 cr
7.Light and Sound Show झलकारी बाई स्मारक, अजमेर47 lac
8.JLN Hospital में GNM प्रशिक्षण संस्थान का भवन5.25 cr
9.JLN Hospital (Shelter House) का निर्माण50 Lac
10.शहरी PHC कोटड़ा75 Lac
11.शहरी PHC ज्वालाप्रसाद नगर75 Lac
12.जिला अस्पताल ब्यावर में 100 बेड के MCHN Unit के निर्माण और सुदृढ़ीकरण16 cr
13.जिला परिषद् अजमेर में उपनिदेशक कृषि प्रसार का कार्यालय भवन56 lac
14.राजकीय महाविद्यालय में काॅमर्स एवं प्रबन्धन भवन3.58 cr
15.पृथ्वीराज चैहान खेल नगर, चन्द्रवरदाई योजना में 2 टेनिस कोर्ट35 lac
16.ब्यावर के सहायक निदेशक कृषि में भू-परीक्षण लैब19 lac
17.अराईं में तहसील भवन का निर्माण1.75 cr
18.थाना गांधीनगर, किशनगढ़ में प्रशासनिक भवन का निर्माण1.68 cr
19.रूपनगढ़ में तहसील भवन का निर्माण1.75 cr
20.AVVNL द्वारा 8 सड़कों पर त्वरित विद्युत विकास परियोजना का पुर्ननिर्माण R-APDRP-B20 cr
21.गेगल, अजमेर में 400 KV GSS का निर्माण261 cr
22.अजमेर में नये पंजीयन एवं मुद्रांक भवन का निर्माण15 cr
23. अक्षय कलेवा योजना में होलिका चैक की Boundary Wall का निर्माण5 lac
24.केकड़ी में सहायक निदेशक, कृषि के कार्यालय भवन का निर्माण78 lac
25.विश्वकर्मा भवन, महर्षि दयानन्द यूनिवर्सिटी, अजमेर1.58 cr
26.बूढ़ा पुष्कर सरोवर के Feeders का Hydraulic Improvement (Ph-1)6.08 cr
हृदय योजना प्रोजेक्ट के तहत
27.सुभाष उद्यान 8.63 Cr
28.Jaipur Road Precinct3.54 Cr
29.Anasagar lake Front11.60 Cr
30.परिक्रमा मार्ग, पुष्कर में भूमिगत केबल डालने का काम5.22 Cr
31.Pushkar Heritage Walk Way6.16 Cr
अन्य शिलान्यास
32.पर्यटन विभाग की प्रसाद योजना के अंतर्गत विकास कार्य40.44 Cr
33.लोहागल क्षेत्रीय पेयजल योजना को पाईप्ड योजना में बदलना3.58 Cr
34.केकड़ी पेयजल योजना संर्वद्धन9.41 Cr
35.सराधना में पेयजल के लिए नई पाइप लाईन3.69 Cr
36.क्षेत्रीय जल योजना में सरवाड़ भाटोलाव के गांवों में पेयजल सुधार, उच्च जलाशय, पाईप लाईन 2.6 Cr
37.केकड़ी फिल्टर प्लांट से ग्राम नायकी तक पाइप लाइन एवं उच्च जलाशय1.12 Cr
38.शहरी जल योजना किशनगढ़129.13 Cr
39.पेयजल व्यवस्था सुदृढ़ीकरण, भिनाय81 Lac
40.महिला बंदी सुधार-गृह का निर्माण5.40 Cr
41.SR 7 माखमपुरा अजमेर में 2 reservoirs (20 ML each)18.82 Cr
42.शहरी CHC चन्द्रवरदाई नगर5 Cr
43.सत्यार्थ सभागार भवन, MDS University10 Cr
44.रिमोट सैंसिग विभाग भवन, MDS University3 Cr
45.रसायन शास्त्र विभाग भवन, MDS University4 Cr
46.डेडीकेटेड फ्रेट काॅरिडोर अजमेर-दौरई सेक्शन की लाइन-1 पर दो लेन के ROB का निर्माण39.36 Cr
47.डेडीकेटेड फ्रेट काॅरिडोर अजमेर-दौरई सेक्शन की लाइन-2 पर दो लेन के ROB का निर्माण35.45 Cr
48.राजकीय महाविद्यालय पुष्कर का निर्माण3 Cr
49.नागरीदास पेनोरमा, किशनगढ़1.30 Cr

Jaipur/Ajmer, 14 August 2016